1010data chooses Corridor’s Contract 365 for contract management

1010data chooses Corridor’s Contract 365 for contract management

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Leading Microsoft 365 customers’ contract management platform, Corridor Company, has reportedly announced that its Contracts 365 has been selected by market intelligence and data analytics provider, 1010data, as its foundation for deploying contract management services.

According to Russ Edelman, the CEO of Corridor Company, market leaders comprising 1010data are in search of operational performance optimization via each method, adding that contract management is increasingly being viewed as the focal point of such efforts. The company eagerly looks ahead towards working with 1010data as it effectively furnishes on its vision, added Edelman.

1010data was in search of an easy-to-use enterprise contract management solution that would combine with the company’s present strategic systems, chiefly Microsoft Office 365, state sources. The company reportedly required a solution that would facilitate easy and fast, self-service contracting services for the sales team, delivering global internal visibility on the status of vendor contracts.

For the uninitiated, Corridor Company, Inc., is a leading supplier of contract lifecycle management solutions on the Microsoft 365 platform. The company’s Contract 365 is reportedly trusted by YMCA, LPGA, AARP, First Data, Urban Outfitters, and other world-class businesses and has thousands of users at the global level.

Steven Dimirsky, the Chief Corporate Counsel at 1010data, has stated that for helping the company in the maintenance of its position as the leading data analytics platform, 1010data was in search of an alternative that would effectively streamline both buy-side and sell-side contract processes. He has further added that apart from the technology needs, 1010data wanted to work with an organization that has experience in resolving distinct contract management challenges.

1010data has selected Corridor Company’s Contracts 365 as the platform promises to be intuitive and easy to use, and also deploys the company’s present Office 365 installation, added Dimirsky.

Further, 1010data has effectively helped consumer, financial, and retail goods customers in efficaciously monitoring shifts in market conditions and consumer demand while rapidly responding with highly-targeted strategies, add sources.


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