Google Pixel 4 Marred By Poor Battery Life

by Dona Fuscaldo

Excellent features mean nothing on a phone with poor battery life.

Google is known for making phones with excellent cameras. Its recent device, Pixel 4 is still the cheapest it has made recently. The device costs $799 and is considerably cheaper than the other devices made last year. It is also cheaper than the latest Apple iPhone 11. Pixel 4 has a larger-sized sibling, the XL which costs more. Recent reviews of the device have shown that it maintains excellent quality but its battery life is not impressive.

Review of Google Pixel 4

It has a 5.7-inch screen with an OLED display which has a similar 90Hz refresh rate like the Pixel 4 XL version. Both devices look alike as well with great viewing angles, bold colors and inky blacks the experience is generally smooth due to the high refresh rate. The screen isn’t as bright as expected but it does well indoors. Under direct sunlight, it won’t be as bright as expected.

The device has a Soli radar sensor and a 3D face recognition system. This feature is used for Face Unlock and they are located at the large bezel on the screen’s top. The body of the phone is covered with black textured coating while the sides are made with aluminum. The glass of the device is frosted to give it super smooth skin. It comes in exciting colors and these make it stand out.

When it comes to dimensions, this phone also stands out. It is slender at just 68.8mm wide. It weighs 162g and stands as one of the lightest, smallest and easiest top-end smartphones in the world. It makes one-hand operation smooth and is a lot cheaper than many top-end phones. Compared to the iPhone 11 Pro which is 71.4mm wide and 188g, it is much smaller and cheaper. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is larger at 70.4mm wide and 157g in weight.

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