Daylight Saving Time Could Affect Your Health and Sleep Negatively

by Vallari Gupte


Daylight Saving time is coming in a few days and it may affect your health

This weekend, the clocks will fall back by one hour when daylight saving time ends. This gives Americans a feeling of an extra hour which could affect their health negatively. Timothy Morgenthaler, the co-director of Mayo Clinic of the Center for Sleep Medicine commented about the controversy that follows the daylight saving time concept in 2018. There have been debates about whether it has outlived its usefulness or not.  Morgenthaler reviewed 100 medical papers to date all related to the effect of the time change on the health of Americans.

How daylight saving affects your health

Morgenthaler said that losing or gaining any sleep will affect sleep patterns no matter how small. The changes may be more notable in people who do not sleep regularly. Such people may struggle with learning, memory retention, overall cognitive performance, and social interaction.

Also, daylight saving can increase the risk of a stroke or heart attack. A study led by a fellow from the University of Colorado in 2014 revealed that when Americans lose a single hour of sleep during the spring season, the risk of a heart attack rises by 25%. If the clock returns that hour of sleep, this risk reduces by 21%. Another preliminary study that was presented at a meeting of the 2016 American Academy of Neurology suggested turning the clock an hour ahead or behind could increase the risk of a stroke.

The study showed that it is caused by the disruption of the internal clock of the body. Researchers found that this process can increase ischemic stroke risk which is the most common kind of stroke. Data provided revealed that the risk of this type of stroke was 8% higher just two days after the daylight saving time.

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