South Africans Celebrate Win in Rugby World Cup Final in Japan

by Dona Fuscaldo

Siya Kolisi led the team to victory with a 32-12 against England

The South African nation has been celebrating its win in the Rugby world cup final held in Japan. The first black captain, Siya Kolisi led the team to victory and this made history for the Springboks. Before he died in 1995, Ex-president Nelson Mandela celebrated with captain Francois Pienaar on the podium when they won their first world cup.

Springboks clinch the title for the third time

After the final whistle was blown, fans in viewing centers in Johannesburg, South Africa chanted Kolisi’s name. also, the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa also responded by tweeting “We are champions” despite being away in Japan. Kolisi responded by thanking the people of South Africa after the match. He said the country is facing so many issues and the team coming from different races and backgrounds to achieve a single goal is impressive. He also hopes that the team has done impressed the country and shown them that they can unite to achieve whatever they set their minds to.

The people screamed and chanted while singing songs that brought back the 1995 spirit after South Africa won the cup for the first time. This recent win was attributed to one person; Captain Siya Kolisi and his name were chanted all over the country. Celebrations are still ongoing across cities, townships, and villages because the win is not for the players on the pitch or for rugby. It is for the social cohesion South Africa is has been struggling to achieve for 25 years since apartheid.

It brings the country together as one despite the economic issues, unemployment rates of more than 30% and corruption in the state. The victory lifted the spirits of the people to give them a break from the problems they are facing.

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