Federal Judge Halts Trump’s Immigrant Health Insurance Rule

by Vallari Gupte

The rule could potentially block two-thirds of prospective legal immigrants

On Saturday, an Oregon federal judge blocked a rule requiring immigrants who are applying for a U.S. visa to show that they have health insurance. Prospective immigrants are also to show that they can afford all medical costs and the rule was set to go into effect Sunday. The Trump-led administration has said the rule would not apply to those who are in the country already.

White House says the rule is for people taking advantage of the public health system

The district judge Michael Simon ordered a temporary restraining order pending when the federal lawsuit is heard. The suit was brought by a non-profit organization and seven U.S. citizens who believe that such a rule would block up to two-thirds of potential legal immigrants.  However, it is not clear when the judge would rule on the case merits.

Last month, the White House announced that all individuals seeking immigrant visas from other countries will be barred from entrance into the country unless they have health insurance within thirty days of entrance or can afford to pay for any medical costs that would arise. This measure doesn’t apply to legal immigrants who are already in the country says the White House. It also would not apply to asylum seekers, children, refugees or lawful permanent residents. This would apply to spouses and parents of U.S citizens.

The White House also mentioned in a statement that lots of non-citizens had been taking advantage of the generous public health plan of the country. The statement also included an accusation that immigrants cause a large part of the uncompensated health care costs problem in the country. Also, under the rule, the insurance cover can be catastrophic or short-term coverage. It can also be gotten by the individual or an employer.

Earlier in the year, the Trump-led administration made lots of changes to regulations that would deny green cards to some immigrants who use public assistance in some forms, but the measure was blocked by the court.

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