Scott Sabourin Suffers Injury Following Collision With David Backes

by Ralf Jennings

Scott Sabourin, Ottawa’s Senators forward, gets injured and carried away on a stretcher during yesterday’s game in Boston’s TD Garden.

Ice hockey, just like many other team sports, can be dangerous. Players get injured from time to time, especially when there are collisions. Yesterday, during the game in Boston’s TD Garden, Scott Sabourin had a collision with David Backes during the first half. Sabourin, who is the favorite of Ottawa’s Senators hit his face on the ice as he fell and was carried out of the game with a stretcher.

Sabourin Gets injured And Carried Off In a Stretcher

The audience watched in fear as Sabourin collapsed and became unconscious right after the collision. Medical personnel rushed to the ice to check on him and took him away shortly after on a stretcher. At the time, the audience was silent and shaken up in fear of Sabourin’s life. Before he left the arena, he had regained consciousness. However, it wasn’t until during the second half that the Senators announced that Sabourin was taken to a local hospital and was under evaluation. According to D.J. Smith, the Senators coach, Sabourin spent the night in the hospital for proper observation.

The 27-year-old player joined the Senators after he was drafted many years after playing in minor leagues. He started as a tryout with the Senators but became one of their favorites. He has one goal, one assist and 11 games under his belt. Sabourin is a hardworking player who battled his way into the National Hockey League. Hopefully, his injuries after yesterday’s game will not be long-term. More information about his health will be disclosed later.

After the collision Backes, left the arena as well. This wasn’t a surprise since Backes has suffered back injuries in the past. The Backes tweeted that his injuries would allow him to play during the second half.

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