Analysts Say Britain’s Snap Election Won’t Make Brexit Clearer

by Vallari Gupte

U.K. voters still divided and it shows in the political system of the country

Experts do not believe that the upcoming election will end the Brexit uncertainty that has loomed for three years. British lawmakers approved the deal of prime minister Boris Johnson last month. However, other issues have arisen and the U.K. leader paused the Brexit bill. Also, the parties have agreed to an election. The prime minister said the only way to get Brexit done was to conduct an election in December. Political analysts beg to differ.

The U.K. remains profoundly divided

One such expert is Quentin Peel a think tank associate fellow at Chatham House said it is unlikely that there would be clarity on Brexit at the end of the election. Another expert, Victoria Hewson who heads another think tank believes that the election is one of the most unpredictable ever. The voters are still divided over the country’s membership of EU, with the referendum of 2016 producing a 51.89% leave vote and 48.11% remain vote.

The political system of the U.K. clearly shows this division. From the onset, the U.K. has had two main dominating parties: the pro-social justice labor party and the conservative party. Both parties have been unable to bring a united position on Brexit. Some party members have even defected to other political parties or expelled. At the moment, five parties matter says Robert Colvile, the Center for Policy Studies director.

Aside from the two known parties, Colvile referred to the following parties Brexit party, Liberal Democrats, and the Scottish National Party. Peel said Brexit vote will most likely be split. This theory comes from the Brexit party’s support for a clean breakup from the European Union. The conservative party argues that the country can leave the EU but with the terms negotiated by Johnson. If this election also fails, the country may be forced to do another referendum.

Vallari Gupte

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