Keanu Reeves Goes Public with Girlfriend Alexandra Grant after Nearly Two Decades

by Vallari Gupte

Here’s what we know about Alexandra Grant

After almost 20 years of keeping his relationship from the public eye, actor Keanu Reeves, finally reveals his girlfriend. The actor made a red carpet debut with a 46-year-old artist, Alexandra Grant. The couple started in a professional relationship. Grant met Reeves at a dinner party over a decade ago and the pair collaborated on different works. Their friendship blossomed naturally until they became a couple.

The actor has been publicly single for a while since the delivery of his stillborn child in 1999. Shortly after the incident, the child’s mother, Jennifer Syme died in 2001. Over 2 decades later, Reeves has reason to smile again. Here are the top things to know about Alexandra Grant:

Her work is showcased in top museums

Grant’s art has been displayed in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. It is also on display at the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art, the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore and the Broad Museum at Michigan State University. Some arts are on display at the Galerie Gradiva in Paris and the Harris Liebman Gallery.

Language and text inspires her art

Grant has been described as a text-based artist as she uses networks and language of words to base her drawing painting and sculpture work. She also fostered her love for spoken words as an infant. The artist grew up in several countries including Spain, Mexico, and France.

Reeves has collaborated with Grant severally in the past

The pair started in a professional relationship and it began with books. Grant helped create some illustrations for the actor’s first book. The book was published in 2011 and it is called Ode to Happiness. In 2015, Reeves published a poetry book called Shadows and Grant also helped illustrate the book.

The couple also runs a publishing company as partners called X Artists’ Books. Grant is also an active philanthropist.

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