Chris Brown Accuses L.A. Officials of Harassing Him Over Yard Sale

Authorities swarmed music star’s home in San Fernando

Chris Brown has raised an alarm about a visit from L.A. cops as well as city officials. The singer was holding a yard sale when the officials allegedly invaded his property. The authorities arrived on Tuesday, just one day before the star held a yard sale at his San Fernando property. By 9.30 pm, the L.A. Department of Building and Safety sent a code enforcement officer to Brown’s home to inform him that a complaint was filed against him. The Building and Safety official was questioned to determine the type and reason for the query.

It was revealed that the complainant claimed Brown was bringing items to the property he wanted to sell. This was later debunked. All items for the sale was from the singer’s home. Despite this information, the officer stayed put for 90 minutes. He said the rules state that they must go over the rules with Brown so his yard sale can be within the law. The official also said that he has to wait until a representative of the singer came. He denied that the singer had been harassed.

Sources close to Brown revealed that an LAPD officer tried to halt the sale saying that the singer did not get the proper permit. The current law on the matter states that there is no permit required to throw a yard sale. Another official denied this accusation that a permit was needed. However, they did confirm that a Building and Safety official mentioned it. the Building and Safety officials also denied this accusation. Other sources claim that there have been several visits by the police and other authorities since then and it is believed that they wanted to kill the garage sale, even though it was completely legal.

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