Marijuana Doesn’t Help Mental Health Treatment Research Says

by Ralf Jennings

Science says Marijuana offers little or no benefit for treating anxiety and depression

New research has revealed that marijuana is unhelpful in treating mental health issues. In the past, there was no substantive research on marijuana treatments for mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. This study has confirmed that the benefits are non-existent. Medical marijuana is therapeutic for some health conditions like seizures. However, it doesn’t do much for mental health issues.

The research reviewed 83 studies

The research was conducted from 83 studies on synthetic marijuana, medical marijuana, and other marijuana-derived products. Dr, Brian Barnett said the study also considered the use of marijuana in treating several other psychotic disorders. However, it didn’t reveal any evidence that marijuana or its derivatives can serve as an effective treatment for depression, Tourette syndrome, ADHD or post-traumatic stress disorder.  Also, the research covered psychosis and anxiety and still didn’t uncover any compelling evidence for making use of marijuana in the treatment of mental health issues.

Researchers say the study didn’t cover the safety of using marijuana to treat mental health issues. It was pretty limited and they intend to carry out high-quality research for the same purpose. Also, experts warn users to be aware of known risks associated with such marijuana use. Barnett said the researchers do not know much about the health benefits, but they know the risks that come with its use including addiction. He also stated that they have seen people come to the emergency room as marijuana is legalized in different contexts.

Barnett also said that is clear that marijuana is becoming a lot stronger when it comes to THC content and this can cause more adverse reactions. Also, the doctors say it is important to talk to a medical professional before treating yourself with marijuana or its derivatives. This is because there are several medications and conditions it can interact with and cause serious side effects.

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