Adam Schiff Says There is No Need for the Ukraine Whistleblower Testimony

by Vallari Gupte

The Republicans recently released a list of witnesses who will testify during Trump’s impeachment inquiry. Among the witnesses is Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden who was expected to testify about Trump’s relationship with Ukraine. Shortly after the list was released, Adam Schiff, House Intelligence Chairman, said that Biden will not be testifying because his collaboration of the whistleblower testimony is unnecessary and redundant.

Hunter Biden May Not Testify In Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry

According to a letter published by CNN, Schiff said that the committee is going to evaluate the list of witnesses and give consideration as long as the testimonies fall within the scope of the inquiry for Trump’s impeachment. In his words; “During the impeachment inquiry, we have been able to gather a lot of evidence and this pool is ever-growing. We have documents, witnesses and a recorded call between President Trump and Ukraine on the 25th of July. The mountain of information exceeds the whistleblower complaint by far. So, the whistleblower testimony is unnecessary and redundant. Following the threats by the president, the testimony will only put the witness in great risk.”

It is important to note that in September, the whistleblower testimony was seen as paramount to the impeachment inquiry. At the time, the identity of the whistleblower was hidden to protect his identity. They also conducted interviews in offsite locations. However, the Democrats have abandoned the testimony but are still certain that they have a solid case against Trump. Many witnesses are ready to testify in line with the testimony of the whistleblower regarding how Trump allegedly made a deal with Ukraine to probe his political foes.

Meanwhile, Trump has accused former Vice President, Joe Biden of improper wrongdoing in a bid to help Hunter when he was in office. However, at the time of writing, there was no evidence to support Trump’s accusations against the Biden’s.

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