Facebook Says It Has Taken Down 11 Million Child Abuse Post Within 3 Months

by Ralf Jennings

Facebook has revealed that it has removed 11.6 million posts related to child abuse between July to September 2019.

In a bid to remove harmful content from its platforms, Facebook decided to take down content that promotes child nudity and child sexual exploitation. The social network platform says it has succeeded in removing 11.6 million of such post from Facebook and 754,000 from Instagram between July and September.

Facebook’s action follows the public’s reaction to Molly Russell’s death. The 14-year-old committed suicide in 2017 and her father eventually discovered several graphic materials about suicide and self-harm on her Instagram account. Molly’s father, Ian Russell, led calls for the reformation of Instagram to prevent more teenagers from causing harm to themselves after gaining access to these materials.

Although some have said that it acted a little too late, Facebook, Instagram’s parent company revealed that it has removed 845,000 content related to suicide and self-harm on Instagram and 2.5 million from Facebook. The social media platforms have started banning images and cartoons that promote self-injury and suicide.

Guy Rosen, Facebook’s vice-president said in a blog: “We take down content that shows or encourages self-injury or suicide including some real-time depictions and graphic photos that experts tell us might cause others to engage in self-harming practices. We place a sensitivity screen over posts that do not go against our policies but may
be disturbing to some.”

Facebook has also removed content related to drug sales, firearm sales and terrorism from its platform. In its fourth Community Standards Enforcement Report, Facebook stated that it took down 4.4 million drug sales content on Facebook and 1.5 million on Instagram. The company also said it removed 2.3 million firearm sales posts from Facebook and 58,600 from Instagram.

The terrorist propaganda content removed from Instagram amounted to 133,300 pieces. This is the first time that Facebook is releasing figures for Instagram which it acquired in 2012 for
$1 billion.

Ralf Jennings

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