AC Female Soccer Team Wins Qualifying Game to the NCAA Division III Tournament

by Ralf Jennings

Soccer is one of the most common sports in space and women have only recently gotten significant recognition in the last few decades. This is one of the reasons why the women NCAA tournament gets a lot of attention these days. In the previous season, the women’s soccer team from Adrian College almost lost the game until they were able to win 1-0 against the Bulldogs during the second overtime. Yesterday, the team suffered a similar fate against Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

AC Women Take the Trophy

On Saturday, both teams struggled for the first place until they entered overtime. In the 101st minute, Adrian won with a goal by Caroline Fleming and assist from Makenna Mascaro. Fleming is the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association Player of the Year. During the game, the Bulldogs made 10 shots, five of which were directed to the goal but four were saved by the keeper, Lexi Pawlowski.

Thanks to this win on Saturday, the team has secured a spot in the NCAA Division III second round for the first time as a team. Today, the team is going to face Washington University. It is important to note that Washington University beat Maryville 4-0 in its first match of the season. So, today’s game is going to be one of a kind.

During the match between Washington and Maryville, Washington outshot them 34-7 with only 3 shots on the goal. The Washington Bears are ranked number 3 in the United States Soccer Coaches poll.

The NCAA Division II has been held annually since 1988. It was established after the NCAA Division 1 in 1981. By winning the NCAA Division II, Adrian can proceed into the NCAA Division III for the first time.

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