Amazon Music Unveils Free Ad-Supported Version of its Streaming Service

Amazon Music has launched its free ad-supported streaming tier with hopes that it will be able to compete with Spotify.

Seven months ago, Billboard broke the news that Amazon was working on a free streaming tier but no information was given regarding when it would be completed and unveiled. In September, the tech company launched a free ad-supported version for only customers who owned Amazon Echo devices and some Alexa-powered smart speakers. However, the new Amazon ad-supported streaming service which was unveiled on Monday, November 18 can be accessed through the Amazon Music app for Android, iOS, and Fire OS.

The new product from Amazon is expected to compete with Spotify free streaming service which currently has about 140 million users. One thing that Spotify has done which Amazon will eventually have to do to boost profit is to convert free listeners to paying subscribers. Today Spotify rules in the world of ad-supported streaming services. Amazon’s free streaming service joins Pandora, YouTube, and SoundCloud in the free ad-supported streaming space. Apple Music is currently the second-largest streaming service in the United States but it does have a free version.

Those who sign up for the free version of Amazon’s streaming service will have a limited range of music available to them compared to Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers who pay a fee of $9.99 monthly. The free version allows users access to a selection of popular playlists and thousands of radio stations. Introducing the new service, Amazon in a blog post said: “Beginning today, our customers who do not yet subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited or have a Prime membership can now enjoy an ad-supported selection of popular playlists and thousands of stations for free.

The service which was previously available to only customers on Echo devices has now been extended to customers using the Amazon Music app on Android, iOS, and FireTV. Customers can also enjoy music through a web interface.” The service is currently available to customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

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