Tottenham Makes Jose Mourinho Head Coach Until the End of the 2023 Season

by Ralf Jennings

Jose Mourinho, one of the most popular soccer coaches in the world, has been named the head coach of Tottenham after working with Chelsea and Manchester United. Tottenham employed Mourinho right after sacking Mauricio Pochettino on Tuesday. The decision to let Pochettino go right after the Tottenham ended the Premier League in 14th place.

Daniel Levy Picks Mourinho From a Shortlist

The chairman of the Spurs decided that it was time for a change and made a list of possible head coaches. The people on the list were Jose Mourinho, RB Leipzig’s Julian Nagelsmann, Max Allegri, the former Juventus boss, and PSG’s Thomas Tuchel. Mourinho has been unemployed for almost a year since Manchester United let him go last December. He and Tottenham have been negotiations for a while but it intensified over the last few days.

Tottenham offered to give Mourinho the funds he needs to get the team ready before January. He would also be granted more funds to get the team ready during the summer window if he believes it is necessary. Regarding the partnership, Mourinho said; “I am happy to join this club that has a lot of passionate supporters and great heritage. The quality in the academy and squad excites me. I was attracted to this team because I am looking forward to working with these players.”

Levy said that it wasn’t easy to let go of Pochettino but it had to be done for the best interest of the club. With Mourinho as head coach of Chelsea, the club won the Premier League three times. He is also one of only three managers whose club won the UEFA Champion League two times with two different clubs. One was with Milan in 2010 and one with FC Porto in 2004.

The first game the team will be playing with Mourinho as head coach would hold in the London Stadium on Saturday.

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