Britt Mchenry, Fox Nation Host Sues Network Citing Alleged Sexual Harassment

by Ralf Jennings

Fox Nation host Britt McHenry sued Fox News, Fox Nation’s parent company and a host of its employees citing alleged sexual misconduct.

McHenry’s lawsuit seeks financial damages after accusing her former on-air colleague George “Tyrus” Murdoch of sending explicit messages while displaying what she described as “volatile and unpredictable behavior” at the place of work. McHenry also accused the network of attempting to retaliate against her efforts to sue the firm.

“The picture looks so good I would knock up the picture ….. crazy sexy love your legs,” read one of the text cited in the lawsuit against Fox Nation. Recently, McHenry slammed two outside investigations who claimed that she sent Murdoch explicit pictures. According to McHenry, such pictures surfaced online, and the woman appearing on the picture is not her at all.

On Twitter, McHenry cited that she was standing up not only for herself, but for other sexual harassment victims. “I am standing up for myself, for women and for what’s right. I have maintained the same allegations because the truth doesn’t change. I feel for any sexual harassment victim who has their story and evidence dismissed, doubted and not believed,” tweeted Britt McHenry.

But against all this, there are those who claim that McHenry’s allegations are unfounded. On Friday, a Fox News spokesperson said in a statement to The Hill that McHenry’s allegations have been fully investigated and that all her claims will be dismissed.

Ralf Jennings

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