Blue Origin Launch of Reusable New Shepard Spacecraft Delayed Due to Bad Weather

by Ralf Jennings


It was not all good for Blue Origin as it will have to hold its plans for at least one more day before attempting to fly its initial space mission in period of seven months, especially after bad weather delayed a launch attempt that was to happen yesterday (Dec. 10).

Founded by Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, the private spaceflight firm hoped to launch the Shepard aircraft from a site West of Texas at around 11:30 a.m. EST only to cancels the plan due to unfavorable weather conditions.

“We are scrubbing today’s New Shepard launch due to weather conditions,” wrote Blue Origin in a Twitter update. While an exact time of the launch hasn’t been established, another attempt is expected today (Dec. 11) morning.

New Shepard is a reusable rocket and spacecraft capsule intended to carry out science payloads while hopefully, flying space passengers on suborbital trips to space. Packed among the payloads is NASA’s experiment known as OSCAR, an experiment by a student in Columbia University attempting to study the effects of weightlessness on cell biology, and an experiment attempting to study gene expression in microgravity by NASA.

The spacecraft will also be ferrying two art experiments from the winners of Art in Space Contest hosted by rock band OK Go, and thousands of postcards that have been written and subsequently decorated by kids from a nonprofit club run and administered by Blue Origin, whose intention is to inspire children in space exploration.

Ralf Jennings

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