What Changes Occurred in the Market When you Were Sleeping. Top 5 Things to Know in Under a Minute

by Ralf Jennings

The market opened up a bit dry in India owing to the crippling economic conditions with a 6.5-point loss (0.05%). The Sensex ended at 635 points (+1.55%) at 41,452.35, while the Nifty50 closed at 191 points (+1.58%) at 12,215.90. Nifty Banks closed at 2.29% at 32,092.40.

The U.S market showed a breath of fresh air owing to the free-flowing details from the trade war with China surfaced in a positive manner. Apple and other tech firms in the space showed strong gains. The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased to 211.811 points (+0.74%) to 28,956.9, while the S&P500 Index gained 21.65 points (0.67%) settling at 3,274.7 points. The Nasdaq Composite added 74.18points (0.81%) to increase to 9,203.43.

Asian Stock markets continued to be in a positive trajectory on Friday following the loosening of US-IRAN tensions while U.S stocks overshot their expectations overnight. Nikkei rose to 0.41% while the Topix 0.39%.

Oil prices show trends of increasing as Iran threatens supply owing to the economic sanctions deployed upon them by the U.S. The Brent Crude went down 14 cents (-0.2%) at $65.23. It has sunk $4 throughout previous consecutive days. WTI also went down 14 cents (-0.2%) and was priced at $59.42 showing signs of recovering as it plummeted 5% since Wednesday.

Indian currency grew amid the international dissatisfaction between the U.S and Iran by 48 paise as it ranked 71.21 INR against the dollar. The Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) dumped shares worth INR 431.11 crore, while the Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs) bought shares worth INR 419.22 crore as indicated by the provisional data on the NSE.

With the Yes Bank under F&O ban for 10th January, securities in the ban period enforced under the F&O segment lists companies and firms which have crossed 95% of the market-wide limit.

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