Billion Dollar Trend Enters Football – FC Barcelona All Set to Make History

by Dona Fuscaldo

Billion-dollar clubs are nothing new, however, being a unicorn club in football is a completely new headline. The Spanish giant, FC Barcelona has generated a net revenue of $959.3 million dollars between the working years of 2018 and 2019, which makes it the biggest cash grabbing sports club in the world of football. The following figures were published on Tuesday’s Deloitte’s Football Money League which ranks the biggest football clubs in terms of revenue generated.

 Barcelona dethrones Real Madrid to take the lead, beating Madrid’s revenue of $848 million as the revenue gap lessens between the two clubs after a long-fought battle for 23 years. The reason for the dominant loss simply seems to be an increase in revenue for Barcelona and a decrease in revenue for Madrid. Further research also concludes that the top 20 clubs in the country generated a point revenue of $10.6 billion throughout the season – the highest combined revenue recorded to date.

Barca is a clear example of a club adapting to changing market conditions, reducing the reliance on broadcast revenue and focusing on growing revenues within its control,” Dan Jones, a partner in the Sports Business Group at Deloitte, said in a press release Tuesday. “With the club expecting further growth in commercial revenues, we expect them to retain the top spot in next year’s edition, and Barca is on course to be the first $1 billion Money League club in years to come,” Jones further adds.

Barcelona’s jump in revenue can be attributed to international overhauled operations further approving a change in strategy related to increasing merchandising and licensing in-house activities. Broadcasting rights garnered the largest revenue grab generating 44% of the total revenue while 40% revenue can be attributed to commercial deals and 16% from match days.

However, Deloitte also notes that the revenue noted for the top teams can be inconsistent in terms of

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