Coronavirus Makes it to the U.S. as Two Cases Break into the States

by Dona Fuscaldo

The new coronavirus has tagged the United States of America as their latest state in a long list victim being penetrated by the latest virus strain to engulf the human civilization. Coronavirus has already claimed 80 souls in Wuhan with around 3,000 reported cases all around the world. A report estimates that around 6 million people traveled from Wuhan during the Lunar New Year which is construed as the place of the virus’s inception.

In the latest report submitted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that 2 confirmed cases of the novel virus in the U.S. bringing the spread of the virus to five, across the states. In many cases, the virus was said to be spreading through a sole animal-to-human mode of transmission. However, the latest discoveries of subjects indicate that a human-to-human mode of virus transmission is mostly the cause of spreading of this virus.

The first case of the coronavirus came to light on 21st January in the state of Washington with two more cases following track in Arizona and California. Both the newly discovered subjects have returned from Wuhan and initial laboratory tests conclude that they have contracted the 2019-nCoV. In a press release the CDC quotes, “CDC is leaning forward with an aggressive public health response strategy and working closely with state and local public health authorities to identify potential cases early and make sure patients get the best and most appropriate care.”

While it is not clear how dangerous of a strain is the 2019 nCoV now, there is no direct cure to the virus, however, laboratories in Australia have already begun concocting a cure which will be ready within a matter of months. More cases of the virus are now expected to appear throughout the states over the coming period. The CDC further quotes that, “While this is a serious public health threat, CDC continues to believe the immediate risk to the U.S. general public is low at this time.”

Dona Fuscaldo

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