WHO Seeks a $675 Million Fund Battle for Going Toe-to-Toe Against Coronavirus

by Ralf Jennings

China has finally opened the doors for their on-again/off-again ally, the U.S to help with their outbreak as they claimed it has finally gotten out of hand. WHO will be leading the charge against the novel coronavirus as it intended to from a long time ago. The WHO has declared the battle chest for the ongoing outbreak and as expected it is huge, a sum of $675 Million dollars has been declared by the WHO to put up a fair fight.

“My biggest worry is that there are countries today who do not have the systems in place to detect people who have contracted with the virus, even if it were to emerge,” said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “Urgent support is needed to bolster weak health systems to detect, diagnose and care for people with the virus, to prevent further human to human transmission and protect health workers.”

The Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan (SPRP) for the new coronavirus lays out certain activities and resources required by international health organizations on a global scale. The plan which will highlight certain points will focus mostly on establishing international coordination and operational support, scaling up country readiness and increasing response operations and accelerating priority and research innovations operations.

“The effectiveness of outbreak response depends on the preparedness measures put in place before outbreaks strike,” said Dr. Mike Ryan, head of WHO’s Health Emergencies Program. “That is why we are seeking resources to safeguard the most vulnerable countries to protect people from the new coronavirus before it arrives on the doorstep.”

At the time of writing, 25 countries have reported confirmed cases of the coronavirus, including China where 24,363 cases have been contacted by the virus alone. In the remainder of the country’s cases in the range of 191 subjects have been found.

Ralf Jennings

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