UN Weather Agency Quoted that the Highest Temperature Hoax at the Antarctica Might take Months to Prove

by Vallari Gupte

On February 6, the coldest place in the world recorded a temperature of 18.3 degrees Celsius, which is pretty high for its regular state. Scientists at an Argentine research base measured the high temperature on a peninsula that is adjacent to Antarctica facing the southern tip of South America. Notably, the highest recorded temperature previously was 17.5 degrees Celsius or 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Last week, researchers from Brazil claimed that they recorded temperatures of 20.75 degrees Celsius on an island off the peninsula beating the overall record for the entire Antarctica region set at 19.8 degrees Celsius in January of 1982. However, the UN weather agency quotes that official numbers will take months to verify. A spokesperson for the World Meteorological Organizations further amended that the numbers collected from the Brazil and Argentina counterparts would have to undergo formal process that ensure that they meet the decided international standards.

“A formal decision on whether or not this is a record is likely to be several months away,” quotes Jonathan Fowler, the WHO spokesman. He further adds that the new measurements obtained from both the teams would need to be transmitted to Prof. Randall Cerveny, a researcher from Arizona State University who meets the required standards for WHO.

Cerveny further shares the data with a wider group of scientists who carefully examine the available evidence and discuss the merits and demerits of the observed data. The evaluation and debate might take up a time period of around six to nine months after which Cerveny formally accepts or rejects the demise of the collected data, further giving the WMO approval to set a new record. While the debate debasing the effects of climate change are making the rounds, the new data can make or break one side of the debate pretty soon.

Vallari Gupte

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