Saudi Arabia Oversees the Launch of their First Women’s Soccer League

While the desert ridden country of Saudi has been wrangling in the international media for many years for its prestigious and rich lifestyle of their individuals, it has also been included for their “loose” laws regarding women. However, Saudi has seemed to loosen its grip on laws regarding women, with women getting the right to vote and even drive recently.

Saudi has recently decided to one-up the idea by actually opening an all-women soccer league which leave behind their legacy of having a firmer grip on their female populous in the past. Until recently, Saudi has a tight grip barring women from participating in any kind of sporting event in public. However, many noted sports organizations raised their voice and Saudi cracked under the pressure allowing women to take part in international events.

This is not the first time Saudi has let down the international community when it comes to gender equality. In 2012, it was the last country to submit women athletes for the Olympics as the country bowed down to the International Olympic Committee.

The inclusion of a women’s soccer league looks like a step ahead in the same direction. “The commencement of the Saudi Women’s Football League is one more major leap forward for the future of our country, our health, our youth, and our ambitions to see every athlete be recognized and nurtured to their fullest capability,” Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, the president of the Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA), said in a statement on Monday.

However, the newly set up league won’t be a part of Saudi Arabia’s national football federation (SFA). According to the SFA, the women’s league will consist of preliminary rounds that will further determine the regional champions who will proceed to compete for the WFL Champions Cups where a Prize pool of 500,000 Saudi Riyal would be dispersed.

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