International Women’s Day Celebration Turn Bloody as Masked Activists Attack Women in Peace Rallies

by Ralf Jennings

On the eve of International Women’s Day, a huge band of women walked around in droves stretching for miles in solidarity in the UK. The main topics for discussion on board behind the long walk were climate change, coronavirus, and femicide. While for the most part, the protests went on smoothly, masked “activists” attacked the women’s rally by creating a ruckus among the ranks. Acts such as grabbing and tearing up of banners were carried out by these masked “activists”. Following the incident, a dozen arrests were initiated.

The vandalisms fled the site before local police showed up. After the police showed up on-site, around 60 activists -mostly female activists were arrested. The citing lawyer Babytbek Aftandil later revealed that the arrested detainees were later released. Additional reports suggest that ten of those arrested were further charged with a charge to resist arrest at a fine of 3,000 soms (£33).

The UK was not the only part of the world where massive protests included flocks of women all around the world. What’s notable is that the overlapping fear of coronavirus as thousands marched together, nonetheless. The impacts of climate changer were thoroughly outlined in the protests all around the world as a common placard read “No climate justice without gender justice” was found at all sites in similar language at all the collective protests.

TV presenter and women’s right advocate, Sandi Toksvig spoke about the event before the event, “Women are the ones who are going to suffer the most, the ones who are going to do the subsistence farming, they are the ones who – when things get bad – are the victims of domestic violence”. “We need to look at the bigger picture on this and this is where the urgency comes from.”

“We need men who are running the corporations to make massive changes and they need to make them today,” she further adds.

Ralf Jennings

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