Amazon Earns Brownie Points as Jeff Bezos Raises Overtime Pay for Warehouse Workers

Amazon, the tech firm has been often criticized for mistreating their employees, especially their warehouse staff. Often protests are displayed from the staff against conditions such as unfair pay and difficult work conditions. However, at a time of severe global crisis, Amazon has put itself into the most modest of workplaces by increasing overtime pay for their workforce.

CEO Jeff Bezos, also said on Saturday, “My own time and thinking is now wholly focused on COVID-19 and on how Amazon can best play its role,” as posted on the message board on the company’s website. Amazon took the drastic and noble deed of paying overtime for their workforce to meet the growing demand for online shopping for consumers who are stuck at home during the outbreak of the pandemic.

Hourly workers at Amazon’s U.S warehouses will receive double pay after the 40-hour work time per week which is a rise of 1.5-times their usual rate. The time that the workers will be liable for this overtime will be from March 15th to May 9th. This is the second time that the e-commerce giant announced increased pay for their workers in the following week. On Monday, Amazon announced that the hourly wage of their workforce will be increased from $15 to $17 and even announced further plans to hire 100,000  warehouse and delivery executives in the U.S to counter the effects of the sinking economy and make sure that people will have the necessary commodities in times of need.

As the progress of the virus progresses, Amazon has also offered its workers unlimited unpaid time off to encourage employees to stay at home even if they felt the slightest tinge of them not feeling well. They also clustered workers shifts and even prohibit workers to sit next to each other during lunch shifts.

Amazon even put out the war cry for employees that have been laid off to join its workforce to facilitate ease of working and support their household in the process.

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