Here are the Stats for the COVID-19 Around the World After 3 Months

It has been three months since the latest coronavirus made its inception and started creating havoc on the human race. Originated in Wuhan, the novel virus has moved with extreme prejudice and speed as it has now managed to infect countries around the world, with some exceptions. It has spread across 460,000 souls at the time of writing showing no promise heading toward demise.  Here is a glance of the countries that have been infected and the remedies that they are taking to adjust the way of life:

United Kingdom: The UK has been the hotbed for Europe as cases have increased drastically in a month putting the death toll at 465 in England while Scotland and Wales reporting 22 and 7 lives lost respectively. As of 9 am on Wednesday (GMT), 1500 additional cases have been discovered.

France: France reports 25,233 confirmed cases with the deaths in the number of 1,311. The death toll in France rose by an astounding 231 in the last 24 hours.

Greece: The health ministry for Greece reports 78 new cases with 36 patients showing signs of recovery and 134 people being treated in the hospital with 54 in the intensive care.

US: The US is busy fighting the coronavirus on two ends – Treating the infected and bringing back 50,000 stranded Americans scattered all around the world. The United States reports the second-largest case count following China at 69,219 with 1,054 deaths at the time of writing.

Italy:  The death toll on Italy rose to 743 to put the total death toll at 6,820 on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Italy reported 4 deaths of doctors putting the total number at 29 in terms of a deceased medical professional.

China: Wuhan is said to be loosening its lockdown protocols with the streets seeing a casual number of people. China was also quoted seeing production get back on track as they have reported no more active cases with an extreme precautionary measure over the past days.

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