Google Silently Removes Millions of Negative Tiktok reviews Of Indians From Play Store

by Dona Fuscaldo

The Chinese video sharing social media platform TikTok is under attack. It’s the second largest video sharing app in Play store after YouTube. Being more popular then Snapchat and Instagram, TikTok grabs 119 Million Active Users in India in a single decade.

But it’s unfortunate for TikTok, there is majority of Indian that are furious after disturbing videos are shown in the app. The videos are said to promote domestic violence, animal cruelty, racism, child abuse and women as sex objects. As a result, actions have been set up to give the TikTok negative reviews.

The authorities at Google has started removing millions of negative reviews of mostly Indians from the Play Store.

Action against TikTok

The Indians are taking action with hashtags such as #BanTikTok, #DeleteTikTok and #BlockTikTok. In total, the campaigns have been running against the platform for three weeks now. As a result, millions of residents of the country have given the service a negative review. The app’s rating has dropped tremendously. Where it used to be 4.5, it is now only 1.2. That made Google decide to intervene. They have removed all negative reviews from the past weeks. The company calls it spam abuse.

Little effect

However, the removal of the reviews does not have a significant effect. However, the rating has gone up from 1.2 to 1.6. Google will therefore have to continue with the removal if it ever comes close to 4.5 again. Interestingly enough, the Apple Appstore rating remains high. There the TikTok is at a 4.7. It is not surprising that being a 1.3 billion population, the Indians have a big influence on the score of TikTok. The country has more than 200 million users of the app. The service was already criticized after a famous Indian influencer posted a video about a poison attack. The video was not removed by the platform quickly enough.


It is not the first time that a massive campaign has been launched in India to boycott an app. In 2017, SnapChat was already dealing with angry Indians. CEO Evan Spiegel said that Snapchat does not want to expand in poor countries, which led to a wave of criticism in the country. As a result, the app only scored a single star.

What TikTok Authorities Have to do

TikTok now hopes to limit the damage. In a statement, the company behind the app says it’s doing its best to remove content that is against the rules. However, it did not say how much or whether it has moderators in India at all. There are millions of content creators and Tiktok followers in India alone.

However, Google is playing its role very well to uplift the ratings. What if this goes wrong against Google itself. It may become a victim in India after this action. Despite of the fact that, Sundar Pichai, the CEO at Google is also an Indian.

Despite of the fact that there are so many content policies. Governments censorship agencies are blocking the illegal content on various platforms and websites. Tiktok is far away from the radars.

Authorities at Tiktok will and they should itself has to take actions against illegal contents. The contents that represent hates to some people, community, or a nation should be securitized and immediately kicked off from the platform.

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