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After Renault, Thierry Bolloré bounces back at Jaguar Land Rover

After his chaotic departure from Renault, Thierry Bolloré returns by the front door in the world automobile. The ex-right-hand man of Carlos Ghosn has been appointed CEO of Jaguar Land Rover.

This is called rebounding. After his chaotic departure from Renault, Thierry Bolloré returns by the front door in the world automobile. The former right-hand man of Carlos Ghosn, who had held the wheel of the Losange during the storm, was appointed general manager of Jaguar Land Rover. The Frenchman will take up his prestigious post on September 10.

“I am delighted to welcome this established and experienced leader, who has demonstrated his ability to manage complex transformations,” said Natarajan Chandrasekaran, President of Tata Sons, President of Tata Motors (owner of JLR) and the manufacturer. British. “It’s a privilege to lead this fantastic group,” said Thierry Bolloré.

New era

Across the Channel, this arrival marks the end of an era – that of Ralph Speth, the man with the mustache who had piloted the arrival of Tata and relaunched the manufacturer to both brands. After several years of success, times have been more difficult since 2018 at JLR, which has seen its sales slip and which was already undergoing restructuring before the arrival of the coronavirus.

Thierry Bolloré’s menu will therefore be generous, between the management of the health crisis, the global relaunch of the group, Brexit and the digestion of its integration into another culture, Anglo-Indian.

At Renault, his career ended (badly) last October, with strong criticism from Jean-Dominique Senard, its chairman, on his business management and the relationship with the Japanese partner Nissan. Thierry Bolloré had defended himself in a shattering interview given to “Echos”, denouncing a “stunning coup”.

In November, he and Renault signed an agreement on the financial terms of his departure, which did not include a non-compete clause – which had saved the French manufacturer several million euros. His Italian successor, Luca de Meo, took office at the beginning of July.

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