Glances and DreamFactory tie up to create secure APIs sans code

Glances and DreamFactory tie up to create secure APIs sans code

by Pranali Mehta

DreamFactory has joined hands with the developers of the no-code solution, Glances. Together, both these companies aim to seamlessly help business connect more of their applications – perhaps even outdated, hard-to-access internal systems, in a bid to accomplish the time-saving benefits of a single, real-time view of customer data.

Reportedly, the more software businesses and systems are able to connect using DreamFactory REST APIs, the more powerful Glances will be in providing help to professionals working across support systems, marketing platforms, CRMs, and other necessary apps to stay in their program of choice, and yet manage to gain access to a holistic customer view.

As per sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter, the partnership will help customers connect to their internal systems, get covered with 16 database engines, supported, and save time as well as increase productivity with more connected software and systems. In addition, the deal will help to expand the reach of Glances so that it is compatible with more platforms, and will also provide DreamFactory’s customers with more value from secure API generation.

Jason Eggers, CEO and Co-founder of Glances, has reportedly been quoted to say that DreamFactory helps to bring about a change for businesses that want to conveniently access a single, complete view of customer data, but find it hard and costly to do so if the data is stored in outdated applications sans a publicly available API. With this partnership though, DreamFactory’s customers can conveniently add an API to their systems with zero lines of code, and then connect them to Glances so as to achieve the single customer view, Eggers adds.

For the uninitiated, Glances had been created to be a highly user-friendly option in the iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) industry as it brings together customer data from across numerous applications sans the requirement of any data syncing, coding, or scheduling jobs. In that respect, DreamFactory seems to be the perfect partner since it helps Glances expand its reach across even more systems, particularly the ones that were internal only or did not have a public API to access.

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