Syntiant exceeds 1M units in shipment, raises $35M in Series-C funding

Syntiant exceeds 1M units in shipment, raises $35M in Series-C funding

by Pranali Mehta


  • Deep learning technology major, Syntiant, has reportedly announced that it has reached the milestone of shipping more than 1 million units of its microwatt-power Neural Decision Processors, Syntiant NDP100 and Syntiant NDP101, to clients at the global level.

    The company has also disclosed that it has raised a sum of $35 million in a Series-C funding round led by Applied Ventures LLC, Applied Materials Inc’s venture capital arm, and M12, a venture fund owned by Microsoft. Sources state that Miramar Digital Ventures, Atlantic Bridge Capital, and Alpha Edison also participated in the funding initiative as new investors.

    Samir Kumar, the Managing Director of M12, has stated that the leading power performance provided by Syntiant is efficaciously converting a fabric of neural network-powered intelligence to reality. He has further explained that M12 is witnessing that Syntiant is effectively delivering on its execution strategy, and setting new unprecedented benchmarks with new clients on board, and high volume of already shipped products.

    As reported, Syntiant has designed its NDPs into a wide range of battery-powered edge devices, comprising earbuds, laptops, smartphones, and smart speakers. Syntiant’s processors provide approximately 10x throughput at half the die size and 100x the power efficiency, further offering a solution with the lowest power, highest performance, and lowest cost as compared to the present DSP and MCU solutions.

    According to Kurt Busch, the CEO of Syntiant, the company feels honored to know that some of the globally leading technology investors are backing its growth stage, at a time when the company is delivering deep voice solution to its clients at the global level. He has further stated that Syntiant is thrilled to witness the increase in the production volumes of applications that use its NDPs and expects the orders to surge even higher during the remaining months of 2020, as its processors continue to maintain the standard for always on voice as the new interface.


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