Fujitsu launches new version of Digital Production Preparation VPS

Fujitsu launches new version of Digital Production Preparation VPS

by Pranali Mehta

Fujitsu has reportedly announced that it has launched an advanced version of its COLMINA Digital Production Preparation VPS. The new version is essentially a chain of tools developed by Digital Process Ltd., and is intended to support the digitization of various production preparation tasks in the field of manufacturing. The sales of this solution have already begun in the Japan with plans for making it available in international regions comprising Central Eastern Europe.

Studies state that VPS Manufacturing and VPS Standard facilitate the continuation of Bill of Process from previous models to the new models, making it possible to process information on VPS and enable the creation of process sequences in half the usual time. VPS also allows quick and efficient verification of processes when a new model is planned or manufacturing of the same product is undertaken at another plant.

As reported, Fujitsu’s new VPS version has been equipped with enhanced functions for the creation of Bill of Process for the storage and management of data that comprises work procedures, parts, equipment and tools, locations, and the manufacturing know-how utilized in product assembly during product preparation tasks. This allows high-quality and efficient production through the leverage of crucial data on product assembly, and benefits clients in getting products to the market at a faster pace.

Further, Fujitsu intends to ensure the continuity of its customers’ businesses with the help of this new version by accelerating their digital transformation efforts via the digitization of production preparation processes in the manufacturing sector, amidst measures to contain the COVID-19 disease.

Fujitsu’s advanced VPS version has also got improved design modification functionality to enable the reflection of information about the changes in design, making it easier to comprehend the modifications in design information, and allowing the latest design information to be reflected in a more flexible and efficient manner.


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