Apple to bundle ViacomCBS Content on AppleTV+ at a discount price

Apple to bundle ViacomCBS Content on AppleTV+ at a discount price

by Pranali Mehta

Technology giant Apple Inc. is reportedly teaming up with ViacomCBS Inc. for the first bundle tied to Apple TV+, which would deliver a flat discount of around 50 percent for customers who buy CBS All Access and Showtime together.


Sources cite that, Apple TV+ users will be able to watch all CBS and Showtime channels via the Apple TV app for USD 9.99 per month. That is significantly less price as CBS All Access and Showtime typically cost $9.99 to $10.99 per month respectively.


It is Apple’s first discounted TV+ media entertainment subscription deal. Currently, consumers are allowed to apply to various service suppliers as per their relevant demands. ViacomCBS Inc., which operates both content providers, has provided discounted CBS All Access and Showtime subscriptions on its platform.


Apple’s move is in line with the company’s aim to generate consumers’ interest in its new video services. The discount package offer might increase the use of Apple TV Channels, a program that enables consumers to access third-party content through company devices


The need for a TV+ membership, therefore, allows the $4.99 monthly package more affordable and may eventually draw more customers.


In recent years, online streaming platforms became a more effective and preferred choice to binge-watching across the globe. Several streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Hulu, etc. have been marking their dominance in this sector.


In the case of the giant smartphone maker Apple, Apple TV+ has some well-received shows, including ‘The Morning Report’ and ‘Greyhound’ by Tom Hanks. The company currently depends on the Channels service to make up for a relatively small selection of original content. However, it still lags behind leading streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in terms of content and subscribers.


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