TMC partners with GMM Grammy to offer better music experience

TMC partners with GMM Grammy to offer better music experience

by Pranali Mehta

China-based Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) has reportedly announced the establishment of a strategic collaboration with Thailand’s one of the largest international record companies , GMM Grammy (GMM Music). The strategy will have music content at its heart, co-create content by adaptation and cover, and will concentrate on providing a better music listening experience for global music fans.


With the support of WeSing, TME’s foreign online Karaoke social network, the collaboration will offer a more vibrant music entertainment and interactive platform to music lovers in South East Asia and will also tap into the greater potential of the music markets in China and Thailand.


The partnership will not only allow TME’s to dig their hands deep in the global distribution in the Southeast Asian market but will also exhibit a successful collaboration of the Asian digital music entertainment market by both sides. The collaboration also accumulates the experience of Chinese music products going to the international music market.


GMM Grammy remains the largest publishing  and record company in Thailand with over 80% of the music and entertainment market share. The inclusion of 1-Million-record-sold artists such as Bie Sukrit, Bird Thongchai, Christina Aguilar as well as other renowned performers like Bodyslam, Potato, Cocktail, Peck Palitchoke,  Getsunova, Palmy, MeYou ,Atom, and Pam MBO has become familiar to Chinese music fans community.


In recent years, TME has been dedicated to introducing high-quality music material to China on a global digital platform abroad. The company has already partnered with well-known overseas labels like  South Korea’s SM, YG, and JYP and Japan’s Being.


While its foreign reach deepens, TME will also pursue further ways of communication of music production based on copyright collaboration, enable high-quality overseas material to penetrate China, and thoroughly facilitate the trade and convergence of Chinese and overseas music culture.


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