C-Trade offers 150x leverage on its new crypto derivatives platform

C-Trade offers 150x leverage on its new crypto derivatives platform

by Pranali Mehta

C-Trade has reportedly announced the launch of its new crypto derivatives platform, providing around 150x leverage on derivative products in addition to greater speed and efficiency for traders. The company has also reduced the average user withdrawal approvals time to a few minutes, encouraged by the personal management experience provided on other platforms.

C-Trade’s risk management and order matching engine offers an exceptional speed that exceeds the present industry standard by around 20 times, state sources. The platform delivers a tight spread and high liquidity owing to the prior experience of its development team at Societe General and J.P. Morgan. Further, sources state that C-Trade users will be provided with a 24/7 access to instant support from professionals in addition to a support team that speaks multiple languages.

According to Edmund Lee, the Co-Founder of C-Trade, the company has already experienced the frustrating pitfalls of derivatives trading and could effectively do better than unending withdrawal times and regular system overloads. The company has launched its continuous pursuit of innovation and advanced technology to generate a superlative trading experience, added Lee.

Mike Ting, the Co-Founder of C-Trade, has stated that the company’s team knows the likes and wants of traditional investors, crypto fans, and traders. He has further stated that he was frustrated by the distortions in the traditional capital market caused by money printing, having spent a decade in the traditional equity derivatives industry. The company has been impressed by the mix of finance and technology and the power of Bitcoin as a store of wealth since it has joined the world of cryptocurrency, added Ting.

As per sources, C-Trade stores all tokens in multi-signature cold wallets, developed to accommodate both, the experienced as well as newer traders, via its intuitive trading interface.  The company’s affiliate program promises up to 40 per cent trading fee commissions and provides new traders with detailed guides, low entry barriers, and a bonus on their first deposits.


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