Epic Cycles launches conversion kits to promote electric bikes

Epic Cycles launches conversion kits to promote electric bikes

by Pranali Mehta

Toronto-based leading developer of electronic bikes and scooters, Epic Cycles, has reportedly introduced a conversion kit for conventional bicycles. Sources close to the matter stated that the new solution would be effective in reducing environmental pollution while making travel convenient and accessible for its consumers.

The conversion kit will allow traditional bikes to be powered using electricity, sources claimed. Moreover, it is important to note that the kit will enable consumers to benefit from using electric bikes in a cost effective way as well as from additional convenience and power that eBikes provide.

In terms of safety, the conversion kit will seemingly help customers to use traditional bikes while they get adapted to the electric version. If sources are to be believed, the conversion kits will also provide with an electronic braking system in order to ensure optimum bike stopping ability.

According to industry experts, keeping a hybrid bike which can be converted between conventional and electric will help users in getting benefits of both these types, especially among consumers living in urban areas. Reportedly, swapping back and forth as well as removing the electronic conversion kit is relatively quick and easy.

Sources with relevant information stated that the conversion kits are also easy to install. The kits can not only be ordered online but can also be bought through Epic Cycles headquarters in Toronto. In addition, they are easy to self-assemble and the users have an option to either do it themselves or by using the installation services offered by Epic Cycles.

The electronic conversion kits are ideal for 26 inch bikes, however, they can be used on models of different sizes, cited sources. The kit can be completely charged in around 6 hours and will offer 55 mile range once the battery is full.

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