Achiko deploys Teman Sehat to additional locations in Pekanbaru

Achiko deploys Teman Sehat to additional locations in Pekanbaru

by Pranali Mehta

Achiko AG has reportedly announced the deployment of Teman Sehat ecosystem to additional number of locations, comprising markets, recreation parks, and hotels. This follows the ecosystem’s successful deployment at local hospitals, including Rumah Sakit Madani, Rumah Pangan, and Madani.

As per sources, Teman Sehat will be available at Hotel New Hollywood, Hotel Zuri, and Hotel Amira, recreational parks comprising Kampung Rabbit, Alam Mayang, and Taman Bunga Impian Okura, and markets, including Transmart Carrefour and Rumah Sakit Syafira.

According to Drs Riyono Gede Trisoko, the owner of Alam Mayang theme park, feeling secure and safe is vital for both, visitors and business owners, adding that organizations fear new clutches at their establishments owing to the asymptomatic nature of several COVID-19 infections. He has further stated that the deployment of Teman Sehat will make visitors feel safe while coming to the park’s premises, and also make Alam’s team feel secure to work.

As per sources, Achiko’s Teman Sehat ecosystem is offering solutions for the revival of the economy in Indonesia amid the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic. The ecosystem connects the dots between people, places, and testing, enabling places to create secure environments for people to return to venues, while restoring mutual trust via testing. Achiko has also equipped its application with contact tracing functionalities, state sources.

Steven Goh, the CEO and Director of Achiko, has stated that the progressive rollout of Teman Sehat in Pekanbaru is a model for Achiko’s ambitions to move the world from the present extraordinary and uneasy situation back to the old normal. He has also added that the combination of Gumnuts, pending clinical testing, and Teman Sehat is a powerful tool in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

As reported, Teman Sehat has gamified the user experience with coupons and rewards while maintaining the privacy of its users and places using the application. Achiko has also collaborated with for the development of a convenient and affordable COVID-19 test kit based on DNA aptamers code called Gumnuts.


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