Huntkey’s Oucica unveils its new DJ010 portable air purifier

Huntkey’s Oucica unveils its new DJ010 portable air purifier

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Huntkey’s subsidiary, Oucica, has reportedly announced the launch of its new DJ010 portable air purifier. The product is a new portable air purifier version following the CJ001, specifically developed for car drivers.

For the uninitiated, Huntkey was founded in the year 1995 and is a member of The China Power Supply Society as well as The International Power Supply Manufacturer’s Association. The company is based in Shenzhen and has its branches in the USA, Japan, and other regions with cooperating factories located in Argentina, Brazil, India, and other countries. Huntkey is well-known for its design, development, and manufacturing of industrial power supplies, PC power supplies, adapters, chargers, and surge protectors.

As per sources, the DJ010 air purifier is combined with non-consumable photocatalyst filters that ensure the effective and eco-friendly decomposition of airborne hazards, including viruses, bacteria, haze particles, chemical vapors, and odors. The purifier has been designed like an egg and is ideal for use in studying, reading, or small working rooms. Also, the purifier can be easily operated through a switching button near the bottom and its grille-shaped air opening can be further regulated up and down to alter the wind directions.

Reliable sources state that photocatalysts are capable of accelerating chemical reactions when irradiated by UV light and are perfect substances for producing highly effective filters in an air purification set-up. Huntkey utilizes high-speed spray technology for spraying photocatalyst on the exterior of the air filters and allows the maximization of the exposure of the photocatalyst to pollutants.

As per reports, the DJ010 portable air purifier can function as an ionizer by enhancing the release of negative ions, easily allowing the sedimentation of PM2.5, dust, and other particulate matters in the air. Sources cite that negative ions exist in the environment or can be generated by devices like ionizers and air purifiers, given that an atmosphere with negative ions is better for maintaining health and well-being.


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