Demi Lovato and Mike Johnson Ends Romantic Relationship After One Month

by Dona Fuscaldo

Demi Lovato and Mike Johnson have gone their separate ways one month after they sparked dating rumors.

The relationship between Lovato and Johnson started just last month with many suggesting that they might just be meant for each other. According to an insider, the duo shared quite a lot in common and seemed to be having fun knowing each other. The split was not as a result of a fight as a source stated that “nothing happened.” “The fling just ran its course,” the source said.

It was revealed that 27-year-old Demi Lovato was at one point interested in reality TV personality, Mike Johnson. But she did not have plans to date him seriously. Johnson is hopeful that in the future he will get a second chance with the pop star. Barely a week after they were seen together on a date, Mike Johnson had told fans that he and the singer were getting to know each other. He said that she was a fantastic person and he would not want anyone to put them under pressure.

Late last month, Mike Johnson disclosed that he and Demi Lovato had gone on a couple of dates and that he likes her tattoos, leading fans to believe that they were truly an item. The Bachelorette star said on iHeartRadio’s Almost Famous podcast that they both have a lot of tattoos and the singer kisses really well.

Johnson, however, got people asking questions when he asked Keke Palmer to go out on a date with him on live television. Palmer who didn’t see Johnson’s request coming was surprised and replied “What’s the next question?

Lovato and Johnson seem to be doing just fine after the breakup. But the reality star has said that he would remain “private” about his “dating life” from now on. Last weekend Lovato hosted a party at the famous HYDE nightclub in L.A. She also thrilled her fans with photos of different Halloween costumes on social media

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