Apple Unveils New Product Known as the AirPods Pro

by Vallari Gupte

Tech company, Apple has launched its wireless earbuds with noise cancellation.

The Apple AirPods Pro which was unveiled on Monday is said to be an upgraded version of the Airpods. The device according to Apple Inc. will start shipping on October 30. In recent quarters, the company has had to deal with a drop in the sales of its iPhone, causing it to focus more on its wearables and services units to improve revenue. Apple says the new device will sell at $249.

Features of the Airpods Pro

The AirPods Pro features active noise cancellation and this is primarily what sets it apart from the Airpods. The active noise cancellation feature is a popular feature of headphones designed for airplanes. The new AirPods Pro has two microphones in each earbud. The inward-facing microphone is designed to listen to sound inside your ear while the other microphone listens to sounds around you and actively cancels it.

The AirPods Pro comes with three different sizes of flexible silicone ear tips. Depending on the shape of your ears, the device has adaptive EQ which is used for tuning the low and mid-frequencies. The Transparency mode feature allows you to block background noise when you don’t want to use the active noise cancellation. You can also listen to background noise when you switch to the Transparency mode. Apple Airpods Pro is sweat and water-resistant.

The device is powered by the H1, a chip designed by Apple. The H1 is responsible for audio processing, noise cancellation and the Airpods Pro’s ability to respond to “Hey Siri” requests. The battery of the device can last for four and a half hours with active noise cancellation. The charging case of the Airpods Pro is a little different from that of the regular Airpods. It now comes in a rectangular shape and features a Lightning port and wireless charging. With the charging case, users can enjoy up to 24 hours of listening time.

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