Winners and Losers of the NFL Trade Deadline

by Ralf Jennings

The Jets didn’t get the best deals and they are not alone

The NFL trade deadline has come and gone and the Jets seem like the biggest losers. Which other teams won and lost in the deadline?  After the events on the NFL calendar, the winners and losers are finally revealed. While many people think the Jets were the only losers, this wasn’t the case.

Winners of the trade deadline

The Miami Dolphins are the first on the list. The team acquired Aqib Talib while also executing a 5th round pick from the Rams. It would get to use Talib’s departure to its advantage and get a valuable draft tool with the decision.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are also winners as the team netted two 1st and 4th round picks. These assets will help push the club ahead. They succeeded in getting a cheaper ascending talent to replace a veteran-laden roster. Jalen Ramsey is one of the winners as he enjoys a protected spot in the industry. The Jacksonville team will invest heavily in his future or risk losing a huge investment.

Losers of the day

Washington and Trent Williams are still stuck together as the team refused to let the offensive tackle go. The Cincinnati Bengals have a roster of desirable talents. The team chose to keep the valued veterans rather than convert them to draft capital. Sports analysts believe that perhaps Green is critical of the evaluation of quarterback Ryan Finley over what is left of the season.

The New York Giants also made the losers list as the team traded valuable assets for players that won’t help them in the playoff push this year. The team rented a player who can’t help them in the current season for 2 mid-round picks. Leonard Williams would probably be better off if he hits a free agency even if he gets a fair offer from the Giants.

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