Absorb Software Enhances its AI Capabilities with Absorb Pinpoint™

Absorb Software Enhances its AI Capabilities with Absorb Pinpoint™

by Pranali Mehta

Absorb Software announced that it has expanded its Artificial Intelligence capabilities with Absorb Pinpoint™. Absorb Software provides Absorb Infuse and Absorb Learning Management System (LMS). By using natural language processing, Absorb Pinpoint™ will tag the content within video lessons automatically that will help learners to find the exact content they are looking for in the video. 

The CEO of Absorb Software, Mike Owens, stated that when it comes to learning needs, businesses focus on being more agile and efficient. Absorb Pinpoint™ helps administrators to have AI create a catalog of microlearning content without the need to edit legacy videos that are already present within the LMS. While saving the time for LMS admin teams, it also creates various benefits for the end-user.

Absorb Pinpoint™ automatically copies video content and make these transcripts searchable. Users are directly taken to the exact point where the keyword is found in the video. Along with that, the user can also refer to the transcript with highlighted terms and reach directly to the most relevant point. 

Absorb Pinpoint™ allows the development and learning teams to investigate what users are searching for and what they select with the search analytics report. These reports authenticate the ROI and value of this feature for their users, along with helping the learning and development teams get insights into future content opportunities.

Absorb Software’s Senior VP of Product, Craig Basford, stated that they did not aim to create a tool that could only skip to a topic in a video. Basford confirmed that they aspired to build a tool that admins could utilize to repurpose content that is present with them, improve the user experience as they search for the most relevant content, and provide an opportunity for the learning and development teams to change strategies based on the search data.


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