Aldi, other chains offer 4 hours of pay to workers to get vaccinated

Aldi, other chains offer 4 hours of pay to workers to get vaccinated

by Pranali Mehta

Supermarket chain, Aldi, has reportedly announced that it will provide two hours of pay to its workers for each of the two doses of COVID-19 vaccine they receive. The company has also emphasized that it would be covering the expenses associated with administration of the vaccine for those employees who wish to get vaccinated.

According to reliable sources, this move reportedly follows the initiatives of other prominent companies comprising Instacart, Dollar General, and Trader Joe’s.

On this note, Instacart is set to provide a vaccine support stipend of $25 commencing on the 1st of February 2021. According to the company, the amount will be given to its independent contractors and in-store employees who have been vaccinated. Further eligibility criteria of the company mandate its independent shoppers to have shopped and delivered minimum five batches for the grocery chain over a period of last 30 days.

On similar lines, Dollar General had also asserted last week that it would provide its workers with a one-time payment that would be equivalent to four hours of pay after they obtain a complete vaccination course. Trader Joe’s has also decided to provide its workers with an additional two hours of regular pay for each dose for taking the time to get vaccinated.

Apparently, the companies’ policies come in the light of the slow start of the vaccine roll-out in the United States. As per data from the CDC, there has been a distribution of just over 31 million doses of the vaccine, with over 10 million people having already secured their first dose. In this regard, federal officials had previously opined that around 20 million people would have obtained the first doses by the end of December.

While most states are still only targeting health care workers and staff and residents in long-term care centers, comprising nursing homes, it is being speculated that essential workers, including grocery and retail store workers, will be vaccinated in the latter phases of the launch. However, the eligibility criteria for receiving the vaccine differs from state to state.

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