Algiax Pharmaceuticals enrolls the first patient in CURE study

Algiax Pharmaceuticals enrolls the first patient in CURE study

by Pranali Mehta

Clinical-stage biotechnology major, Algiax Pharmaceuticals, has reportedly announced the enrollment of the first patient in the its “CURE” study.

According to Heike Rittner, the Head of Pain Clinic, University Hospital of Wurzburg, the company has witnessed the burden of chronic pain on a daily basis and reportedly opines that these patients are in a desperate need of new treatment alternatives.

She has further stated that the company effectively backs the clinical development of promising treatments, adding that the CURE study and particularly AP-325 is a thrilling example of a development initiative that examines an innovative treatment earmarking a pathway that all presently known analgesics have ignored. The company eagerly looks ahead towards initiating the treatment of the first patients in this study, added Rittner.

As per sources, the CURE study is a double-blind, randomized, parallel, and placebo controlled study for the evaluation of the safety and efficacy after the repeated oral dosing of AP-325, the lead product of Algiax. The subjects of the study had earlier been diagnosed with peripheral post-surgical neuropathic pain following groin hernia repair, breast surgery, and chest surgery, cite sources adding that Algiax intends to enroll 94 subjects in 13 participating clinical sites spread across the Czech Republic, Germany, and Spain.

Claudia Sommer, a Clinical Expert in Algiax’s Advisory Board, has stated that chronic pain and particularly the pain of neuropathic origin is very hard to be treated and the present alternatives of treatment are limited. She has further added that AP-325 is a novel plausible treatment alternative with very thrilling Phase I and pre-clinical study results, adding that if the primary termination of the CURE study is met, this would be great news for all physicians and patients waiting for a safe and efficacious treatment of neuropathic pain.

This announcement effectively brings the company a step closer to its objective of devising a chronic neuropathic pain treatment without leading to serious side-effects on the central nervous system, thus initiating a significant approach in the fight versus the opiate crisis, state reports.


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