Amazon offers US President Joe Biden help to speed up vaccine delivery

Amazon offers US President Joe Biden help to speed up vaccine delivery

by Nandita Bhardwaj

E-commerce and technology giant, Amazon Inc., is reportedly offering incoming U.S. President Joe Biden, and his administration, its help and logistical support to expedite the COVID-19 vaccine distribution process, including to the company’s own employees.

In an official letter dated Wednesday 20th Jan 2021, incoming Amazon retail unit chief executive officer, Dave Clark, congratulated the new U.S. President, Joe Biden, as well as Vice President, Kamala Harris. Clark further reiterated a request that Amazon had made to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention a month ago, requesting that after the frontline workers, the company’s more than 800,000 American employees get their jabs at an ‘earliest appropriate time’.

While much of the company’s corporate white-collar workforce, from the Seattle headquarters as well as other offices, work from their homes, Amazon’s cloud-computing data centers, Whole Foods Market shops, and warehouses, have remained open all through the duration of the pandemic.

Clark also highlighted the fact that Amazon already possesses a contract with a provider of occupational health services to provide vaccine administering services at its facilities. Clark further commented that the company is prepared to mobilize quickly once the vaccines are made available.

As per reports, Amazon has acted very quickly to get in touch with the new administration. In a recent Bloomberg Television interview, former Biden staffer, Jay Carney, who now heads the policy and communications teams at Amazon, stated that the firm had offered help to the officials that were working on presidential transition process.

For the record, Amazon is currently under immense pressure from Congress and regulators regarding its growing power and scale, and it is not yet clear whether the incoming Biden administration would step up on that scrutiny.

Ever since the pandemic began spreading across the continental United States, the country’s second-biggest private-sector job provider has had to make significant adjustments to its vast logistics network in an effort to accommodate the new social distancing norms.

Despite these efforts, Amazon stated that last year, approximately 20,000 of its company employees tested positive for COVID-19 within the initial six months of the pandemic. As such, ensuring that its workers are vaccinated has become extremely crucial for the company.

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