Amazon suspends Prime Video access in Russia, halts shipment of orders

Amazon suspends Prime Video access in Russia, halts shipment of orders

by Pranali Mehta

Online retail supermajor, Amazon, has reportedly suspended its Prime Video service for Russia-based customers amid Ukraine’s invasion by the country.

In its announcement via a blog post, the company also stated that shipments of retail products to Russia and Belarus-based customers has been suspended and that it will not accept new Amazon Web Services customers as well as Amazon third-party sellers based in the two countries.

Amazon will also not be accepting orders for the only video game it directly sold in Russia, New World.

The e-commerce company said that it has taken additional actions in Russia and Ukraine due to the ongoing situation.

It also reminded people that Amazon and AWS have no infrastructure, data centers, or offices in Russia, unlike some other American technology providers, and that it has had a long-standing policy of not conducting business with the Russian government.

Amazon announced last week that AWS is working closely with customers and partners in Ukraine in keeping their applications secure, adding that it has partnered with IT organizations there to fend off attacks and is actively working with other organizations in the country to share intelligence in real-time.

Amazon’s announcement comes after Netflix announced that it is suspending its services in Russia this week after it announced last week that it will not comply with the new Russian law requiring streaming services to host twenty Russian propaganda channels. The streaming giant has also halted the production of all planned future projects in Russia.

Amazon is the latest in the increasing number of businesses that have suspended their operations in Russia following its attack on Ukraine.

Earlier this week, companies like PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard, amongst others, announced the suspending of their operation in Russia.

Meanwhile, Apple also confirmed the halting of its product sales in the country last week, while also announcing the removal of RT News and Sputnik from its App Store as well as the disabling of certain Apple Pay services.

Google has also followed the suit, having removed Russia Today-related apps and Sputnik from its app store, and halting its ads sales in Russia as well.

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