Anviz adds new products to its face recognition solutions portfolio

Anviz adds new products to its face recognition solutions portfolio

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Anviz Global, a renowned AIOT and biometric technology provider, has reportedly announced a new strategic product addition to its facial recognition solutions portfolio, FaceDeep 5 as well as FaceDeep 5 IRT. The new products are fully integrated Contactless as well as Thermal Management Solutions for people to record attendance time or access control of entrances and check temperature as well as mask-wearing simultaneously, without needing to physically touch a gate or a terminal.

These are some requirements that are rapidly making their way across commercial offices, retail and hospitality chains, medical facilities, crowded sports arenas, and more.

Embedded with an infrared camera used for thermal temperature detection, the FaceDeep 5 IRT is specifically designed to quickly scan people with higher body temperature. The product is capable of doing so within just 0.3 seconds from a distance of 3.2 feet. The product also incorporates customizes alerts as well as a plethora of reporting features for no-mask wearing and elevated-temperature notifications.

Temperature screening with the use of thermographic technology, is much more accurate and quicker to catch as compared to other solutions that use thermopile technology in the market. Additionally, the dual face recognition cameras (VIS & IR) also incorporate a BioNano, which is a cutting-edge face recognition algorithm as well as RFID reading technology.

Fully configurable, the new platform can be effectively managed through CrossChex Software application or on the device, and can be facilitated with SDK for third party integration. In addition to its numerous competitive benefits, the product is IP65 compliant and also applicable to outdoors.

As per reliable reports, Anviz is also offering a number of different mounts as well as stands for the new terminals. Given the elevated interest from sports arenas, commercial buildings, expansive casinos, and international hotel chains, the company needed different configurations of highly durable stands that can effectively help increase the product’s adaptability and utilize it across high-traffic areas.

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