Apple acknowledges and assures to fix unsupported SIM bug in iPhone 14

Apple acknowledges and assures to fix unsupported SIM bug in iPhone 14

by Anusha Kottapenta

California-based technology giant Apple Inc. has recently acknowledged the presence of the SIM not supported bug that several users of certain iPhone 14 models have been complaining about since its launch.

A memo sent by reliable sources confirms the presence of the bug that completely freezes the device after displaying a pop-up message that reads out the aforementioned phrase.

Apparently, the bug is a software vulnerability and not at all related to any hardware components of the device. Apple is currently investigating the root cause of the bug and advised its consumers to periodically update the software to tackle this issue efficiently.

The multinational technology mogul recently released a public statement proclaiming full responsibility for the bug, while simultaneously asking its users to wait for the pop-up message to disappear after a few minutes.

In case the bug does not disappear, the company has appealed to its customers, requesting them to visit the nearest Apple Store or authorized service center, wherein the technical staff would relieve them of their concerns.

In dealing with this latest vulnerability, Apple has been actively involved in rolling out iOS 16.0.3. update for all eligible models including iPhone 8 and above. The newest software update is 1 GB in size and was specifically rolled out to fix the said issue as well as that of the Mail app crashing after receiving a malicious e-mail. This update has also brought in steady technical improvements, in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models.

Some of the other issues that were reportedly fixed with the update included low microphone volume while using CarPlay for calls in iPhone 14 models, delayed incoming calls or app notifications in the case of iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro Max, and delayed camera launch or switch response respectively.

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