Apple used around 20% of recycled material in its products in 2021

Apple used around 20% of recycled material in its products in 2021

by Pranali Mehta

iPhone maker Apple Inc. has reportedly announced that nearly 20% of materials used in making its devices last year were recycled, which is the highest-ever use of recycled components. This is the first time that certified recycled gold was employed for plating the main wire and logic board in iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro’s front and rear cameras.

To achieve this milestone, Apple stated that it established industry-leading levels of traceability in order to create an exclusively recycled gold content supply chain.

Lisa Jackson, VP of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, Apple, stated the firm is making real progress in addressing the climate crisis, ahead of Earth Day (22nd April), so that one day the making of all its products do not take anything from earth.

The American tech giant also unveiled its latest recycling innovation called Taz, a machine that uses a groundbreaking approach to upgrade material recovery from conventional electronics recycling.  The company has been able to reduce 75% of plastic in its packaging since 2015.

Last year, 59% of the company’s total aluminum shipped in products was sourced from recycled content, and many devices even featured 100% recycled aluminum in their enclosure. Also, all its products consisted of 45% certified rare earth elements.

These products also included 30% of recycled tin, and all the new iPhone, Mac, AirPods, and iPad devices came with 100% recycled tin in the main logic boards’ solder. Along with that, they feature 13% certified recycled cobalt which is used in making batteries for iPhones and can also be disassembled by the firm’s recycling robot Daisy and sent back to the market.

Moreover, Apple stated that it has also committed to extending its product’s lifetime via refurbishment. The company had extended the lifetime of 12.2 million products by sending them to new owners for reuse, thereby reducing the need for mining in future.

the iPhone maker announced its ultimate goal back in 2017, which is to utilize only recyclable or renewable materials for its products, upon which it has charted its pathway for material sourcing and design.

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