Britishers to waste over 200k tonnes of leftover food this Christmas

Britishers to waste over 200k tonnes of leftover food this Christmas

by Pranali Mehta

British households across the UK are projected to waste approximately 200,000 tons of leftover food this Christmas, which is equivalent to around 6.6 million trash bins full of food wastage.

As per researches, a recent poll of over 2,000 people, who celebrate Christmas, found that they will spend more than £146 to fill their refrigerator and cabinets but will eventually end up discarding about £79 worth of that food.

Respondents estimated that they will discard roughly seven kilos of food, based upon the 24.8 million households across the nation, this would be equating to a startling 194,600 tons of food waste in the country.

Ham and turkey chops, Brussels sprouts, baked potatoes, as well as pigs-in-blankets are just a few of the things that add up to Britain's colossal food waste piles.

Ana Sanchez, a spokesman for Schwartz, which commissioned the study, stated that food waste is an increasing concern, one which escalates over the Christmas season when cabinets load up, yet not much is consumed.

The most typically thrown-away holiday foods are potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and carrots, with 59 percent believing that more food is wasted over the holidays compared to any other time of year.

On average, Britishers spend £34 more on their Christmas groceries shopping than their usual as groceries shopping.

The urge to have too much instead of enough, and hosting many friends as well as family, are among the main causes for buying more.

A study showed that 15% of households toss out leftovers even if it smells fine but is past the expire by date, with only one in thirteen individuals utilizing spices and herbs to turn their food into something more appealing.

However, 35% said that they have tried to create new recipes using Christmas leftovers, but 37% thought that these recipes were too difficult to follow.

Katherine Templar Lewis, a Creative Neuroscientist as well as Futurist, feels that spices may hold the key to halting the rising flow of wasted food filling UK landfills. Using spices to turn leftover food into a new dish is one of the most promising ways to ensure low food wastage.

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