China COVID case count hits six-month high as Delta variant spreads

China COVID case count hits six-month high as Delta variant spreads

by Pranali Mehta

China has reportedly recorded its largest daily number of local coronavirus cases in months on earlier this week as a trail of infections related to the Delta variant was uncovered through contact tracing and mass testing campaigns.

According to the Chinese health authorities, 71 COVID cases were found on Wednesday, which is the highest since January of 2021. The country is now fighting its biggest COVID-19 outbreak in months by testing whole towns and putting millions under lockdown.

Allegedly, despite the outbreak spreading to many large cities, the official results of the mass testing campaigns have uncovered a low caseload.

Beijing had previously vaunted about its success in completely halting COVID-19, enabling its economy to recover and regular life to return while many other countries across the world were struggling to contain a pandemic that has taken more than four million lives globally.

The latest outbreak is now endangering that record, with more than 500 domestic cases recorded since mid-July after a cluster of infections was discovered among airport cleaning staff in Nanjing, Jiangsu province.

Although most cities have not implemented strict citywide lockdowns, a handful has curtailed some movements.

Wuhan, where the virus initially emerged back in 2019, recorded its first local cases in almost a year this week and stated on Tuesday that the entire eleven million population of Wuhan will be tested immediately.

Consequently, long waiting lines were seen at outdoor testing facilities as locals, fanning themselves with papers, waited for health workers in hazmat suits to collect their throat samples.

Meanwhile, Nanjing's local government tested the city’s entire 9.2 million population three times after closing gyms, movie theatres, cordoning off residential complexes.

The number of new cases on Aug 3 was 96, including symptomatic individuals arriving from foreign countries, up from 90 just a day earlier.

The country also reported 27 new asymptomatic cases, which it does not classify as actual cases, in addition to 41 it recorded a day before. There have been no reports of death.

At the start of the week, Mainland China had reported 93,289 confirmed cases. The total number of deaths stayed at 4,636.

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